Yearbook Yourself

 - Aug 12, 2008
References: yearbookyourself & zoomdoggle
It's discoveries like Yearbook Yourself that get me really excited to be a Trend Hunter!

The website,, takes you back through the decades and transforms you into the stereotypical geek of that era.

Anyone can upload a photo of themselves, select your nearest shopping mall, and then the site then decks you out in the hideous hair (think mullets and perms), atrocious outfits (Christmas sweaters and tracksuits) and other accessories associated with that period that we typically poke fun of today.

On the oppose side of each simulated Yearbook photo are three modern day brands that are promoted as being able to save you from committing similar style crimes today.

For example, "In 1980, Member's Only jackets were totally rad. Get today's latest outwear at: Ben Sherhman, Kira Plastinina, Lacoste" and "In '78, kids were shouldering around huge boom boxes. For a lighter load, pick up an MP3 player at: Apple, Sony Style, Brookstone."

What a great way for advertisers to engage customers in a fun way that still allows them to flex the ability of choice.

There are versions for men and women.

Clearly, I had fun taking Jeremy and I back in time. I just can't believe how much I look like my mother (and grandmother!) in some of these!