- Jul 26, 2008
References: 12seconds & techcrunch
12seconds.tv is a Twitter-style site with a twist.  Instead of text updates, you get 12 seconds to post a video update. That's right, just 12 seconds! 

It calls for quick thinking and there is no time for camera-shy people. By the time you are through thinking what you should be saying, your time will be up.  Users can link their 12seconds account to their Twitter account sending a link to any new videos they post. 

Record a video on your webcam, your mobile phone and upload it to let friends and family know how you're feeling, what you're up to or where you are.

Currently in the alpha stage, you need an invite to join, so head on over and sign up. If they are taking too long to answer Techcrunch has 500 invites available.

What do you think you could do in just 12 seconds?