- Mar 25, 2008
References: ibeatyou & thestandard
A new social site, IBeatYou just launched where users can make up a contest, such as “best group lip-dub music video” or "cutest feet" or “best beard,” then submit entries and compete with others to be voted the winner.

The celebrity connection comes from the fact that the site is co-founded by Baron Davis of NBA's Golden State Warriors and Cash Warren, Jessica Alba's fiance.

The number 1 video right now is Jessica Alba in her first music video, lip-synching to Panic at the Disco's “Back to the Streets.

Here is what Jessica said in her myspace blog about the site:

” We shot a quirky group lip dub music video for ibeatyou. Check it out!! We invited a bunch of users from the site and put this together last Saturday. If you think you and your friends or you and your co-workers can compete:Bring it!! Upload your videos to ibeatyou.com and let's see who gets crowned King:lol! The site is open now so anyone can sign up."