Starring for Atava

 - Sep 4, 2008
References: & adverblog
A Swedish company, Atava, has come up with a unique and clever ad campaign, Starring for Atava, to sell their ho-hum product—insurance.  The Atava House features live and interactive feeds showing webcam users in virtual house windows. 

What’s the gist?  Internet users can visit the site and vote for their favorite amateur star to stay or be evicted.  You can also chat with the tenants or watch their videos. 

Adverblog mentioned that the Atava House looks like HBO Voyeur and it does!  Voyeur is pop candy and the point of it is to make you feel like you’re peaking into the lives of others using some virtual binoculars.  The episodes are about five minutes long and there is no speaking, just some accompanying music. 

I played around at the Atava House for awhile this morning and although I could not understand a word (Atava should consider adding language preferences to their site) spoken, it was still fun, enjoyable, and interesting—unlike the Voyeur.