The Point

 - May 16, 2008
References: thepoint & smallbusinessarena
If you want to take action for a cause, but you can't do it alone, take a look at The Point, a platform for group action. Making a difference as a group is much more possible than for an individual, so the site creates unique campaigns for which users pledge to take action once it reaches the tipping point.

"The tipping point of an ultimatum is the point at which the cost of group action becomes greater to the target than the benefit of their offending policy. It is when it becomes in the target's best interest to change," explains. "When a campaign reaches its tipping point, all members are notified that it is time to action. The action can be a straightforward boycott, or something more creative... whatever it takes to force a solution."

This highly interactive site includes countless local and national campaigns, so take a visit and use this unique community to take action!