For National Chocolate Day Enjoy a Sweet Cocoa Recipe

 - Oct 29, 2012
From pasta-inspired sweets to doughy truffle pops, these delectably sweet cocoa-infused treats are a great way to spark some creative thinking for you dessert menu for National Chocolate Day. A yummy way to serve chocolate today can be anywhere from infusing it in a delicious brownie recipe or by melting it down and dipping some fine fruit in it.

Chocolate is a divine treat to enjoy so why not get creative today and take one of these insanely awesome recipes and make it? Or if you aren't the baker type, purchase one of the many chocolate covered cake pops or chocolate dunked cookies. A personal favorite is the chocolate-covered pork strips recipe because of its sensual mixture of savory bacon and sweet cocoa. These delicious, chocolate-infused foods make a great additions to one's dessert menu.