The Kit Kat Pops Merge the Flavors of the Corporate Food Chains

 - Sep 28, 2012
References: pizzahut & foodbeast
Kit Kat Pops are the sweet and savory offshoot that has come of the most recent collaboration between Kit Kat and Pizza Hut. Pizza dough wrapping is encased around the chocolate bar, delivering gooey sweet and savory bites to the brand's customers.

The Kit Kat Pops are a product of the Middle Eastern Pizza Hut division. The region has been home to an assortment of inventive dishes with cone crust pies and cheeseburger additives, adamantly confirming that little is off limits for the creative team.

Cheese additives can also be swapped for the Kit Kat bars, although that may take away from the novelty of the piggies in a blanket-esque concoction. Either way, the treats are certainly tempting for those who love to mix flavors.