Choco-pie Wall Street Cupcakes are a Sweet Way to Show Support

The hilarious food blogger from Bake it in a Cake chose to show her support for the Occupy Wall Street movement by creating these adorable Choco-pie Wall Street Cupcakes. Not only is this chocolaty confection hopelessly seductive on its own, its clever name only adds to the petite cake's allure. The political cake consists of a chocolate cupcake that swallowed a tiny chocolate pie topped with a dollop of cream cheese buttercream and a poignant foil-wrapped chocolate gold coin.

These Choco-pie Wall Street cupcakes are by far the most delicious way to get involved with the growing movement that is currently sweeping the globe. Now, you can become politically active simply by tracking down a box of cake mix. Whip up a batch of these bad boys and hike them down to the protest nearest you and you're sure to be the toast of the demonstration.

Hilariously topical and decadent to boot, these Choco-pie Wall Street Cupcakes are sure to inspire political passion in the hearts of chocoholics everywhere.