From Dramatic Rainy Day Photography to Angsty Androgynist Photos

 - Jun 13, 2013
These moody photo shoots feature beautiful people who look fashionably moody. Eerily dark and emotional atmospheres are exaggerated by the somber expressions on the models faces. They are wearing less than colorful garments which adds to the overall dramatic and angsty vibe. These images are filled with feelings of seriousness and contempt. Enjoy these solemn outfits and take in the cohesive details captured in these droning moody photo shoots.

If the weather is putting you in a mood you would rather not be in and you feel like escaping to somber place immerse yourself in these heavy images. Let the clothing and the expressions on the models speak for the mood that is being created. From moody seaside fashion ads to dark woodland editorials these pictorials will leave you feeling haunted and somber.