The Busts by Frieke Janssens is Disturbingly Disembodied

 - Feb 19, 2013
References: frieke & itsnicethat
As disturbing as the disembodied portraits featured throughout the series The Busts by Frieke Janssens are, they are visually mesmerizing. Dramatically shot in what appears to be a dark attic, the enhanced light from the sole window casts moody shadows across each face. This is appropriate considering that the portraits are of actors from the Belgium theatre company Toneelhuis.

Harking back to Hollywood portraits of the Golden Age, The Busts by Frieke Janssens puts a modern spin on it thanks to the magic of Photoshop. According to Karen Chin, "The stylized busts placed in a setting inspired the attic space of the Bourla theater were Frieke's way to give viewers something to look at and dream about, rather than capture a straight reportage moment of a performance, or the standard black and white theater headshot."