The Esther Boskaljon AW13 Collection is Romantically Androgynous

 - May 29, 2013
References: estherboskaljon & fashionising
The Esther Boskaljon AW13 collection is dark and moody, yet it is not without its feminine wiles. Although it is undeniable that there is an androgynous appeal to the designs thanks to the concentration on pantsuit-like outfits, the use of sheer and flowy materials gives it a romantic feel that many women will find themselves drawn to. Essentially, the Esther Boskaljon AW13 collection strikes the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity that the independent modern woman will wholly appreciate.

There is also an Asian aesthetic present throughout the Esther Boskaljon AW13 collection. Elegant and proper, some of the pieces have a stiffness and sheen as though made out of the material known as tan. There are also kimono-inspired touches in the form of folds and wraps that result in an alluring exoticism.