Artist Peter Lee's Cinematic Photography Series is Dark and Rainy

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: flickr & youandsaturation
This stunning late night series by photographer Peter Lee is what's known as a cinematic photography collection. These shots look like they could be screen shots taken from a movie. What's interesting is that Lee chose to do these shots in the dark on a rainy evening.

Most of these shots follow around folks with umbrellas while they jump into puddles, or scurry across the street (while they dodge traffic). The lighting from passing cars or glowing window signs helps to create focus in these cinematic captures.

Lee explains that the models in cinematic photography are just as important as the lighting and setting. Many of these shots focus in on beautiful women. Some of them look sweet, some look seductive and others look mischievous but they all create interest in these stunning urban captures.

These shots really do look like they could be scenes from a movie, like a modern day singing in the rain or something along those lines.