These Sainte Genovefa Body Accessories are Dark and Dainty

 - Jun 14, 2013
References: saintegenovefa
These body chains by Sainte Genovefa are eye-catching and elegant. If you are wearing an outfit that needs an extra touch of flair, adding one of these dark accessories will give your outfit the edgy twist you crave. Woven chains and twisted metals make up this collection of body accessories.

From dripping head pieces to delicate arm chains, the Sainte Genovefa jewelry has just the right about of darkness and attitude. These pieces look best layered over structured garments or worn alone for a more risky appearance. If you are someone who enjoys being adorned in stylishly moody jewels, these statement pieces will totally finish your look. From full corpse links to delicate wrist wraps, the Sainte Genovefa collection has the right amount of hardware for you.