These Skeletal Designs Will Inspire Modern Halloween Decor

 - Oct 22, 2011
This Halloween, deck yourself out in spooky finery and boost your humble abode with some creepy modern Halloween decor, because this creepy holiday only comes once a year. It's time to forget about reality and celebrate the great beyond. Ghouls and goblins of shapes and sizes take to the streets and the dead rise again free of the shackles of mortality. What lies beneath the skin becomes a preoccupation, the inspiration for countless terrifying items. At this time of year, it seems every industry is eager to pay tribute to the boney cranium.

Everything from house decor to elaborate jewelry pays homage to the skull. If dressing yourself head to toe in sinister skeletal wear isn't enough, why not outfit your entire home in boney modern Halloween decor? With everything from Skull-inspired dinner plates to cushioned skull containers, you'll have your dinner guests screaming with delight.