J*RYU Displays a Creative Mind for Unusual Themes

 - Jul 9, 2011
References: designpimps & core77
It's really hard to put J*RYU's work in a category, because he explores different themes, but that's exactly what sets him apart from a lot of artists.

J*RYU likes to design a variety of sculptures that are creative, unusual and attractive at the same time. According to the North Carolina-based artist's bio, a lot of his work explores the themes of life and death and what lies beyond. His work certainly reflects a lot of these concepts, with imagery of skulls and other fantastical elements that stretch beyond human imagination. At times his work can appear dark, but it also conjures up serene, whimsical elements that can be enjoyed by all.

In addition to his personal portfolio, J*RYU has also worked for big-time clients that include Columbia Pictures, Marvel Entertainment and Sony Ericsson.