From Vulgar Talking Plush Toys to Conjoined Stuffed Animals

 - May 31, 2013
Stuffed animals are one of those nostalgic types of toys that children most often have fond memories of, but these examples of bizarre teddy bears are more of a nightmare than cuddly plush toy.

While the kind of teddy bears you normally find in the shopping mall feature adorable smiles and soft and cuddly fur, these bizarrely designed bears are rather targeted towards adults who have a fascination with eerie and violently-inspired products. From teddy bears that have been zombified to reveal their bone structure to bears that are oddly conjoined at the head, these bizarre teddy bears will certainly make children scream the moment these bears are in sight.

While definitely not suitable for little children, these bizarre teddy bears will surely attract buyers who want something quirky and out-of-the-ordinary to add to their collection.