The ‘Skull Nickels' Show the Art of Carving Wacky Currency

 - Oct 6, 2011
References: thisiscolossal & weareatomik
Sometimes art can get creepy and deathly and this is quite evident with the ‘Skull Nickels.’ Basically, these 'Hobo Nickels' are small denomination coins that are carved to create anything one wants.

There is a society that has been dedicated to carving nickels. This collection of skulls carved onto coins is eerie as well as intriguing. Although the carving of nickels dates back to the 18th century, it was only highly noticed during the 20th century. 'Hobo Nickels' carving is still loved today by many as it has obviously proved to be a hobby many are interested in.

So if you are among those who collect wacky and interesting item like coins, stamps and other sweet collectables, then this gallery will sure be highly tempting.