Andres Basurto Breaks Apart Old Booze Bottles and Turns Them into Art

 - Mar 8, 2011
References: antenaestudio & whokilledbambi
Mexican artist Andres Basurto is a talented person who can create amazing oil paintings and unique sculptures. His one-of-a-kind sculptures are his most memorable creations.

Using recycled beer bottles, Andres Basurto breaks them down into workable-sized pieces and using an epoxy resin, he pieces them back together. The beer bottle busts that Andres Basurto creates resemble skull and devil-inspired designs that are macabre and fearing.

In some of the morbid skull creations, Basurto paints some color upon the dark glass to add more depth and character to the already head-turning sculptures.

Andres Basurto's ability to turn broken beer bottles into art is astonishing and in the end, it may even possible to still drink out of them, although it's not recommended.