Katsuyo Aoki Crafts Skulls with Baroque-Influenced Ornamentation

 - Aug 27, 2011
References: katsuyoaoki.s1.bindsite.jp & cmybacon
I'm pretty sure encountering these Katsuyo Aoki porcelain skulls in real life would send you into severe shock. Not to say that seeing a normal skull isn't scary stuff, but to see such an intricately detailed cranium with ornamentation flying out of every part of it is a little more than the average person can handle.

The beauty of these Katsuyo Aoki skulls is extraordinary. The detailed patterns remind me of something that would have been produced in the Victorian era. Though they're macabre and morbid, I just can't keep my eyes off of these elegant heads.

Implications - The popularity of skull motifs in pop culture has been on a steady rise for the past decade because of its previously taboo nature. As a symbolic representation of North American society's progress, skull imagery is now commonplace imagery in mainstream media. Corporations may consider using skull graphics in media campaigns to both garner consumer attention and to demonstrate the progressiveness of the company.