Danielle Reck Draws Whimsically Magical Women

If you're a fan of fantasy and fairies, chances are you'll love this series of stunning illustrations by Danielle Reck.

Danielle Reck is a diva for detail; her drawings are extremely intricate when you look closely. She tends to draw whimsical women with wide eyes and puckered pouts. They are very fairytale-like, flaunting long tresses and extravagant dresses. She fills her illustrations to the brim with petite patterns that one may need to use a magnifying glass to really observe. Tiny skulls and swirls wind their way through the images, adding depth and a lot of texture.

These wondrous images by Danielle Reck will definitely inspire you to pick up your pencil.

Implications - Consumers appreciate images in advertising that are memorable to them rather than boasting typical designs and mediums. They appreciate intricate illustrations and surreal content that encourages imagination.