The Anatomy of Skulls Series Showcases Famous Characters Sans Flesh

The Anatomy of Skulls series by Istvan Laszlo is a series about more than just skulls.

Laszlo recreates the images of famous historical figures sans flesh. The series features the famous noggins of Pope John Paul, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Lennon, Michael Jackson, Mao, Lenin, Warhol, Beuys, Hitler and Duchamp.

The Anatomy of Skulls drawings feature more than just skulls though, which makes it easy to grasp who is who. Hitler has his infamous moustache, Gandhi has his wide eyes and Warhol has his combover.

The Anatomy of Skulls series, evidently, is a tribute to the people who have helped shaped today's society. It was presented late last year in the Sebastian Guinness Gallery in Ireland. The exhibit was Istvan Laszlo's first solo show and Laszlo stated for inspiration that, "In our world, now saturated by the mass media, could one’s identity be blurring into a global construct of the person? This world of celebrity: film stars, musicians, sport stars and politicians: is increasingly characterised by a dilution of individuality."