From Immersive Horror Videos to Underwater Radio Stations

 - Jul 25, 2015
Playlists, crosswalk signs, scavenger hunts and emoji decoders are just a few of the ways the top July 2015 interactive marketing examples drive interaction. In addition to popping up in unusual places, many brands are going out of their way to make advertisements particularly hard to find, such as with campaigns that are covert or ephemeral in nature. This is exactly what Les Paul did with a challenge that asked elite music fans to prove they were worthy of winning one of its legendary guitars, using Shazam as a judge.

In addition to mobile advertising being extremely popular, advertisers are taking this idea literally by amping up marketing efforts using vehicles. For instance, Amazon is driving around discounted goods on its Treasure Truck, while gum company Dentyne has a vehicle that follows food trucks in order to promote fresh breath post-meal.

At the heart of it, these are all great examples of memorable experiential marketing.