- Apr 21, 2010   Updated: Aug 17 2011
This cluster of trends shows what happens when a hairdo turns into a hair don't. Some of the hairstyles featured here need to borrow my trademark fedora. Not every hair trend is a bad idea, however; some of these hilarious hair do nots are more like hair-do-not-try-this-at-home's. From ungroomed unmentionables to DIY virtual mustaches, this cluster makes one thing for sure--everyone one of these hair do nots will make your scratch your head.

Implications - This cluster represents a list of business do-nots. Hair, and indeed one's general appearance, is of incredible import to modern consumers, and a single cosmetic faux-pas on the part of the business could severe ties with the patron permanently. Businesses that are aware of commercial land-mines will ultimately gain more in terms of customer fidelity.

From Ungroomed Unmentionables to Rat's Nest Locks: