The 'Taiknam Hat' Rises in Response to Electrosmog

 - Mar 23, 2009
References: & talk2myshirt
The 'Taiknam Hat' by Ricardo Nascimento, Ebru Kurbak and Fabiana Shizue is fierce, both in form and function. First of all, it's feathered. And those feathers respond to the ambient electrosmog, specifically that which is emitted from cell phones.

Wearing the 'Taiknam Hat' then becomes a moving art piece. As the wearer speaks on their cell phone--or is surrounded by others who do the same--the feathers rise and fall. The designers say that this hair-raising feature is inspired by the horripilation instinct in living creatures, which is a direct reaction to stress or irritation. In humans, we get goosebumps, while cats and birds fluff up their fur and feathers to appear larger.