From Morbid to Sardonic These Sculptures are Unsettling

 - Apr 24, 2012
There is something about the macabre, the strange and the sardonic that intrigues people; the grotesquely surreal sculptures featured here demonstrate this. Perhaps such dark themes play to a person's sense of curiosity, beckoning them to explore the unknown. Perhaps this artwork offers a reprieve (even if unsettling) from humdrum everyday life by challenging common notions of aesthetics and propriety. In any case, it is hard to deny that these works effectively capture the themes, subjects and moods they seek to depict.

From newborn babies ostentatiously tattooed with brand names to rotting corpses to purses with teeth, the sculptures featured here would be equally at home in a gallery or a horror film. Indeed, subjects like death, nihilism and alienation are found in both contexts. These sculptures may not be pretty, but they are interesting.