Andrew Nigon Creates Models that are Complex and Terrifying

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: andrewnigon & beautifuldecay
Andrew Nigon is an artist based in Portland, Oregon with a talent and eye for creating grotesque sculptures that force viewers to consider the bizarre nature of human existence.

Andrew Nigon's sculptures examine the strange paradox of the constant human desire for self-improvement when we are trapped in bodies that are constantly deteriorating. Andrew Nigon uses every day items like clothing and gum and mixes them with juices that help mimic the nature of organs and body fluid, giving his strange sculptures a human touch with an edge.

His images tend to lead the viewer to introspection. The fear of mortality, declining body health, and self-esteem are some of the most discussed topics for people engaged in therapy. Andrew Nigon's work is a shortcut to the self-examination many go to psychiatrists for.

Andrew Nigon's unique form of sculptures has caught on. Nigon's work has been exhibited at art museums around North America, including San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tampa, Florida, and Mankato, Minnesota. Do not be surprised if you see his work come to an art gallery near you, Andrew Nigon's profile is on the rise.