Human Pathology Busts by Paul Komoda Show Effects of Syphilis

 - Jun 23, 2009   Updated: Apr 4 2011
References: artistproofstudio.blogspot
This bust from Paul Komoda’s "Human Pathology" series definitely looks strange. The sculpture is, in fact, of a woman suffering from Tertiary Syphilis. How lovely.

The piece was originally commissioned by the US education department who then rejected it! As a result of its rejection, you can now get castings of this morbid sculpture for around $160.

Implications - Grisly art such as this one by Paul Komoda provides consumers with the shock factor they seek, especially within today's desensitized society. The often tragic, dark nature of reality calls for a much more edgy, shocking tone from entertainment pieces, creating a demand for unconventional pieces that bear a scare or shock tactic.