From Candied Clinical Aphrodisiacs to Cat Cough Candies

 - Jun 7, 2011
Just looking through these bubblegum innovations is sure going to make you long for a piece of the sticky candy.

From candied clinical aphrodisiacs to cat cough candies, the infamous pink substance will continue to be a popular product. With so many varieties and flavors, companies are now finding creative ways to stand out against the crowd. From ideas like chewing gum to get free underwear to jaw-growing gum advertisements, the ideas are pushing the boundaries. From fashion ideas such as gumball machine dresses and art executions of chewed gum portraits and sculptures, the bubblegum innovations are non-stop.

From blowing meat bubbles to offensive chewing gum, the sticky candy is here to stay. The bubblegum innovations keep on getting more outrageous -- just like blown bubbles.