Nihilist Mints

 - Dec 1, 2008   Updated: Mar 30 2011
References: mcphee & ohgizmo
The online oddity-store, Archie McPhee, offers a multitude of beyond-strange products. Things such as meatball bubblegum, inflatable fruitcakes, and angry mob play sets. You can now add Nihilist Mints to the catalog. These aren't your average mints, mind you. These guys are flavorless mints. Really makes you wonder what makes a mint a mint.

Implications - Novelty is a major selling point to the consumer who has everything and needs nothing, and this fact is one that companies such as Archie McPhee thrive upon. Function is not the only impetus that drives the modern consumer these days, and this presents an opportunity that clever businesses can definitely take advantage of if they are on the ball.