From Porky Hand Cleansers to Breakfast Body Washes

 - Nov 11, 2012
The mouthwatering smell of crispy bacon produces a salivating experience that has inspired a number of bacon-infused hygiene products, available in today’s market. What better way to get geared up for a protein-packed breakfast than to hit the showers with a manly and meaty body wash.

Gourmet hygiene products like scented soaps and novelty mints appeal to the number of foodies who just can’t get enough of these tasty combinations. While most would be content with good old fashion mint, a true bacon aficionado would jump at the opportunity to practice good oral hygiene with a little bacon-flavored toothpaste and floss.

These offbeat bacon-infused hygiene products add a fun and flavorful twist—without the calories—to your night time ritual or early morning shower.