From Refillable Fragrance Atomizers to Swapable Hipster Shades

 - Jul 4, 2012
Whether you are a light traveller or a prepared for anything type of gal, there are a few key purse essentials that every modern lady should consider. Choosing a bag that suits your lifestyle and needs is crucial -- a tiny purse likely won't be able to handle all your textbooks if you are a busy student.

A few common things many ladies carry include their keys, wallet, phone and maybe a lipstick or two. Staying organized will help you avoid fumbling through your bag during busy rush hour times. So, consider investing in a few smaller pouches to separate your essentials into key functions. While a pocket-sized humidifier or a concealed lipstick USB may not be an essential for every gal, there is certainly a time and place for these innovations.

Keep your goods securely stashed and be prepared for all sorts of adventures with these nifty purse essentials.