The Feed Me iPhone Sleeve Gives Your Trusty Companion a Little Personality

Give your iPhone a little personality with this Feed Me iPhone sleeve from the good people at Connect Design. Your iPhone is an almost constant companion and, like any hardworking sidekick, your trusty communicator will feel a touch peckish every now and then. Repay your phone for all its hardwork with this fun and durable Feed Me sleeve.

The Feed Me sleeve features a set of eyes and one smiling mouth. Ready to chow down on all your odds and ends, the Feed Me sleeve features the perfect slot for your headphones, credit cards or USB keys. Simply feed your belongings into your iPhone's mouth and away you go. Luckily your iPhone lacks a disgestive track, so whatever you put in the belly of the beast is easily retrievable.

Cute, handy and fun, the Feed Me iPhone sleeve is too darling to pass up.