Olympus and Panasonic Launch Four Thirds Digital SLRs

 - May 14, 2009
References: en.wikipedia.org
For some time now, amateurs have been beyond thrilled with slender, pocket-sized digital cameras while the pros grumbled and fumbled with their giant camera bags. Many professional quality digital models were even larger than their old film counterparts. That however, is all about to change thanks to recent advances made by some of the world’s biggest camera makers.

Olympus and Panasonic (teaming with Leica) have already rolled out specs for micro 'four thirds' cameras with Kodak announcing plans to manufacture one as well. The "four thirds" part refers to the size of a camera's image sensor. These mini pro cameras have interchangeable lenses for quality enhancement. Availability is TDB, but should be soon.

Already on the market are slightly larger versions; Panasonic recently tricked out their GH1 to shoot HD video as well. Get ready for pro shoots with tiny cameras!