The Custom L'Oreal Lipstick USB Drive Contains 100 Years of Company Info

 - Apr 16, 2011
References: molotalk & bookofjoe
Though I have seen a fair share of interesting flash drives, from toys to weapons and more, it seems like one company was inspired to utilize this tech disguising technique with the L'Oreal Lipstick USB Drive. By doing so, L'Oreal has created an interesting way to provide a wealth of information about their company to a few select individuals.

Created by Custom USB, the L'Oreal Lipstick USB Drive uses real L'Oreal lipstick cases that have had a MicroKey USB inserted into each of them. According to Molo Talk, "One by one, with strict precision, each Lipstick USB drive was hand-made, hand-tested and hand-pre-loaded with a video recapping 100 years of exceptional products and services."

In the end, only 500 of these L'Oreal Lipstick USB Drives were created.