Roland Hicks Chewing Gum Pieces Pop With Whimsy and Wonder

 - May 31, 2011
References: rolandhicks & randommization
London-based artist Roland Hicks is not your average artist. This practiced painter makes masterpieces which are so detailed and realistic that they look like photographs. In his collection 'Give Me Every Little Thing,' Roland has created a series of scrumptious chewing gum portraits. These paintings are all done in oil on canvas, and portray shoes stepping into sidewalk bubblegum. He paints the moment when the sneaker lifts from the sidewalk and stretches the forgotten gum upwards.

At first, these paintings are humorous because of their concept; however, after a while, the viewer completely forgets that the painting is of bubblegum. The shape of the gum is so unique that it almost seems as if Roland has painted ancient stalactites or floating jellyfish.

Let Roland Hicks expand your perspective with his paintings that pop.