From Weeping Technicolor Tears to Inept Superhero Illustrations

 - Aug 31, 2011
I personally classify photorealism as the pinnacle of technical artistic ability, so I can't help but sit in awe as I look over these hyperreal depictions. From melancholy balding portraiture to feminine solitude illustrations, these masterful works of art will no doubt have you doing double takes as you try to discern whether or not what you're looking at is indeed a photo or a painting.

What's truly amazing about these hyperreal depictions is the various tools and media used to create each images. From oil paints to digital airbrushes, there's seriously no limit to artists' ability to express themselves in this unique and high-caliber aesthetic style.

Implications - Consumers enjoy looking at photorealistic artwork because it symbolically represents what humans are capable of without the aid of digital technologies. Consumers want to feel independent from their technological reliance. Corporations may consider offering consumers goods with nature-inspired motifs in order to satiate consumer desire to distance themselves from technology.