Michael Borremans Creates Jarring Missing Body Part Art

 - Aug 10, 2011
References: davidzwirner & booooooom
Michael Borremans is a 48-year-old Belgian painter and filmmaker whose latest series feature subjects sans certain body parts. His work is so unique that he has developed his own immediately distinguishable aesthetic.

Michael Borremans is an extremely talented illustrator who went to school at the College of Arts and Sciences Saint Luke in Brussels. His original training was as a photographer, before turning his attention to illustration in the mid-90s. Even now, Michael Borremans hasn't abandoned his formal photography training and he uses photographs of people and landscapes to help him develop his artwork.

Looking through these illustrations, one thing that is clear to me is Michael Borremans hasn't given up on his photographer's attention to detail. Each illustration, despite missing a key body part, is hyper-detailed and lifelike.

Implications - There are few ways more effective at capturing a consumer's attention than ads that feature radical or surrealist imagery. By forcing the consumer to look closely to figure out what the story of the marketing is, the company increases its brand awareness and resonance exponentially.