Paco Pomet Serves Up Even More Surrealistic Paintings

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: pacopomet.wordpress & blog.thaeger
Paco Pomet once again transports people to alternate timelines with these surrealistic painted depictions of the yesteryears. Relive the lunar moon landing with a crowd of spectators already on the moon waiting for Neil Armstrong's arrival or stare in awe at Joseph Stalin, whose inexplicably had his appendages blown up to hyperbolic proportions.

Paco Pomet has been painting for over a decade now and you can expect his work to continue to amaze audiences with its cinematic, hyperrealistic, and offbeat feel.

Implications - As North Americans continue to recover from the economic downturn, the demand for diversions is still at an all time high. One effective diversion that consumers are craving is surrealistic imagery. Corporations looking to appeal to this demographic may consider using surrealistic imagery in their advertising campaigns to satiate consumer demand for escapism.