Alexander Stojanov Crafts Realistic 'The Dark Knight Rises' Promo

I'm sure thousands of people are familiar with the look these Alexander Stojanov movie posters are trying to emulate. From Indiana Jones to Star Wars, the iconic hyperrealistic collage visual style of Drew Struzan is invoked in these fan poster creations and I have to say I'm ultra impressed with the results.

Alexander Stojanov is a Bulgarian artist and it's fairly apparent that he's excited for the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises movie. His fan-made poster features the cast of Tom Hardy as Bane, Christian Bale as Batman, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, and a host of other familiar faces.

If Batman isn't your thing, Alexander Stojanov also has movie poster-like illustrations of his biggest rival, Superman.

Implications - North American consumers gravitate towards products with cinematic aesthetics because that is their primary source of escapism. They enjoy these diversions because they offer viewers a sense of euphoria, which is great for tension relief. Corporations may consider applying cinematic elements to their promotional campaigns in order to garner consumer interest.