Arina Dazzles the Eyes with Illustrations of a Hairless Woman

 - Aug 4, 2011
References: & sweet-station
It's the duty of an artist to communicate and engage an audience, and Arina's gallery featuring a bald woman draping her head with a red cloth does just that.

Not only is Arina extremely talented crafting these photorealistic illustrations, but the subjects she chooses and the manner in which she paints them makes viewers question her intent. It is remarkable seeing these paintings in sequential order as it appears the subject, who I assume is bald, is covering her head in a red cloth and progressively trying to cover her entire face. It makes the entire viewing experience quite melancholy.

Implications - Consumers feel a special affinity towards art because it provides them with an escapist experience. Corporations may consider providing customers with products and services that offer a similar escapist experience as the demand for this is always high.