From Carnivorous Candy to Portable Gum Garbages

 - Sep 4, 2012
These sticky bubblegum innovations show how ubiquitous this candy has become.

The instantly recognizable appearance of this food makes it ideal as an inspiration for design, and many revamps have been done to the chewy product. Gum balls, in particular, lend a nostalgic feel to design, and have been integrated into both art and recipes. Though some might be grossed out by the illusion of chewed up candy, this look has been particularly popular throughout the design world, and its gross-out factor gets major attention.

In addition to its wacky appearance, bubblegum has undergone many culinary-focused makeovers as well. From meat-flavored candy to triple flavor edibles, there's no telling how far manufacturers will go.

Whether you love or hate bubblegum, it's an undeniably youthful product that's sure to stick around for years to come.