Revolymer Non-Stick Gum

 - Sep 13, 2007
The concern for chewing gum litter is growing in places like the UK, so the scientists at Revolymer invented a removable gum. They say their invention tastes just like regular gum, the texture is the same, but it doesn't stick to surfaces.

"Revolymer, a spin-off company from the University of Bristol, claims its new Clean Gum can be easily removed from shoes, clothes, footpaths and hair," Australia's Herald Sun reported. "Preliminary results also show the gum will degrade naturally in water and disappeared from pavements within 24 hours."

If you really want to see the scientific step-by-step proof, check out the video at Revolymer. They take several gum samples and use petri dishes and probes to conduct the experiments in which they compare commercial chewing gum with the Revolymer brand.