From Organic Chewing Gum to Bubblegum Clothing

 - Apr 12, 2010   Updated: Apr 28 2011
The chewing gum innovations in this cluster are bursting with creativity. Who would have ever thought this little piece of chewable candy could be such an inspiration?

From bubblegum colors that pop off watches and phones to flavors that last forever, chewing gum can do more than entertain your mouth. So, check out this cluster as you snap that gum!

Implications - These scrumptious treats, often frowned upon in school, have seen some unique changes over the years. Whether it's long lasting tastes or just outrageous Willy Wonka-like flavors, companies have found ways to make gum even more fun over the years. Even the packaging has become a lot more playful, reflecting the childhood nature of the candy in a way that everyone can relate to.