Wrigleys To Launch '5'

 - Mar 15, 2007   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: wrigley & prnewswire
This summer Wrigleys unveils a new gum simply called "5." It is the gum with longer-lasting flavor and will have "sensations you can feel as you chew". Sensations range from tingling, cooling and warming. Now, if they came up with a gum similar to Willy Wonka's "3 course dinner" -- you know, the one that turned Violet Beauregarde into a blueberry? Then I'd be super impressed.

Implications - The new 5 Gum will be released in three different flavors called Rain, Cobalt and Flare. Each one has a different flavor that matches the color of the gum stick. Green is spearmint, blue is peppermint and red is cinnamon. Wrigleys tested teens and adults alike, who all raved about the new gum.