From Carnivorous Candy to Gum-Covered Cars, These Creations are Sweet

 - Jul 19, 2012
Many people have a sweet tooth, and these chewing gum creations are made for those who have a taste for bubble gum delights.

Wonderfully strange novelties in gum flavors are bound to surprise even the most experimental confectionery aficionados. These include unconventional turkey, bacon and tri-flavored chews. The candy is also found in odd forms such as grenades, meatballs and cat hair-ball varieties that are fun for pranking friends.

The sticky bonbon has even taken the form of art with creations ranging from presidential portraits and bear sculptures to giant bubble gum sculptures seen on the streets of Venice, Italy.

Gumball dispensers are also getting creative updates. Novelties include larger-than-life vintage gumball machines as well as tweeting gumball dispensers. Most recently, an eerie Zombie head that distributes the yummy treat was seen at the 2012 Zombie Voodoo fest. Chewing gum continues to inspire fun in wacky creations.