Wrigley's-Wrapped Mercedes by Christian Stoll is a Sedan in a Sticky Situation

 - Mar 21, 2011
References: christian-stoll & thelifefiles
Claiming it took several days to unwrap all of the Wrigley's gum, Christian Stoll and his team wrapped his old Mercedes station wagon in the chewing gum -- all in the name of art and photography. Stoll mentioned that the gum-wrapped vehicle left a fresh smell that lasted for weeks on end.

Stoll has been a freelance photographer since 1991. Stoll's works have influenced companies such as General Motors and have since extended to companies such as IBM and Microsoft. Under his experienced eye, banal objects enter a metamorphosis of sorts; it's no wonder he's captured so many advertising and marketing campaigns. See more images of the Wrigley's-wrapped Mercedes above.