- Jan 20, 2013
Resist the urge to lick your screen, because here comes a whole bunch of chocolate props and candy-inspired designs.

Is there anything sweeter than having an actual product you can use, and then eat? It's like literally having your cake and eating it too! We're talking stuff like edible chocolate records, chocolate dice, candy-covered cameras and architecture, and even delicious chocolate pie charts. It may not all be edible, but even the chocolate-inspired headphones and smartphone cases look like a delicious addition to daily life.

The delectable designs and chocolate props don't just stop at utility either. Why make a model of the Millennium Falcon or ancient architecture out of boring old clay or paper mache when you could be creative with confectionery instead?

Now if someone could just get to work on that chocolate house for us to live in.

From Chocolate Records and Dice to Candy-Covered Cameras: