Rook Floro Brings the Repressed to Life Through These Scuptures

These dark and haunting sculptures by Rook Floro are a reflection of the artist's inner struggles and attempt to define oneself. Commenting on 'Shell,' the sculpture of a figure on all fours with a rip down the back, Rook Floro says, "It is a comment upon how every time a person tries to become someone they are not, they lose their true selves bit by bit leaving behind a part of them."

The sculptures all seem to possess an unnatural animation about them, as if they were a mass of swirling liquid reminiscent of the T1000 from Terminator. Beautifully constructed with a sense of macabre self reflection, these models by Rook Floro are filled with an emotion that many try to keep contained and unexpressed. Here, the repressed becomes the animated.