Chet Zar's Conjoined II is a Freak Show of Talent

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: copronason & hautemacabre
Chet Zar's Conjoined II is a collection of pop-surrealism pieces made to confuse and delight.

The second installment of the Conjoined exhibition boasts work from several up-and-coming goth artists including Laurie Hassold, Jason Hite and Zoetica Ebb to name a few. The series is a combination of the twisted and the majestic. Regardless of artistic intention each artwork is unusual and extremely engaging. One piece titled 'Dead Pope,' is a cast sculpture of a hallow-faced holy man. Another is 'The Fast Supper,' which is a compilation of baby doll heads awaiting the consumption of a miniature fat man. The 'Vati-Cane' is a sculpted pooch with an adorned pope head. The juxtaposition tickles controversy, and the suggested implications are looming with the release of the exhibition.

Set to be released at Corpro Gallery in L.A, Chet Zar's Conjoined II is a visionary collection of horror and surrealism.