British Artist Derek Kinzett Creates Life-Like Work from Metal

British sculptor Derek Kinzett likes to work with wires. This is readily apparent when looking at his work; he crafts life-size, figurative sculptures from countless sinews of metal. The work is impressive.

Derek Kinzett manages to capture supremely life-like quality in his work; the sculptures are quite reminiscent of still-lifes. Still, much of his work is not entirely within the realm of realism. Bat-winged demons are a common theme, for instance. Even his renditions of regular everyday humans has a haunting quality to them.

Perhaps the life-like quality of Derek Kinzett's work can be partially ascribed to the medium he works in. Metal is much more organic than stone, in that it can bend and twist like living flesh. When viewing Derek Kinzett's sculptures, one almost feels as though they are going to get up and walk about.